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Law Enforcement/Faith Community & Community Relations Training


Bridging the Gap between Law Enforcement and the Community it serves by including The Faith Community as Partnerships. We seek to break down stereotypes on both sides and bring awareness to the various communities within the neighborhoods which Law Enforcement serve.

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Crisis Management/Conflict Resolution


We are fully equipped to assist Church, Police Departments, and private citizens with Crisis situations.  Mistakes happen. How they are handled makes the difference. We make it a priority to restore integrity back to your organization and the personal lives of our clients.

Chapter II Strategic Consulting


Our passion is to assist those seeking clarity on their next assignment, whatever that may be. Those who want to take that leap from one area of their life to the next.

Those who are trying to get on track or starting the 2nd chapter of life. 

You need to know that we already possess the tools necessary to do so much. Sometimes we just need a push or a plan in the right direction.

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Workshops/Trainings/Ministry Creation & Strategies

  • We create programs for your Law Enforcement Dept. to increase community involvement & support. 

  • Prison Reentry Program Development

  • Provide a Strategic map for creating sustainable success for you and your Ministry Team

  • Assist to create Effective Church Ministry Teams 

  • Church Mission & Vision Planning  

  • Pre-Marital/Marriage Counseling

  • Wedding Officiant